About us


Modona Bathroom Company, LLC. is a new type of ONLINE company. Every process and procedure has been specifically designed to accommodate online sales. We have eliminated huge amount of expenses in terms of personnel, warehousing, shipping, marketing, displays, etc… in order to be able to offer the very lowest prices possible for our products.

Modona Bathroom Company, LLC. is the actual manufacturer of our products. Specifically, we do all the design, packaging, quality inspections, testing, and in fact we own the factory. There are NO middlemen whatsoever, but rather we ship directly from the factory to Amazon.com. – no stops. This allows us to sell our products at a price significantly less than our competitors.

We are consistently adding new and innovative products to our product line. We listen to our customers, especially those who were NOT 100% satisfied and work every day to improve our products based on their suggestions and comments.

While Modona Bathroom Company, LLC. sells RETAIL exclusively ONLINE, it is possible to place a wholesale order with us if the order is any mix of product that makes up full cartons and at least ONE Full Pallet, which would be about 200 – 400 units of any mix of our products. Please email us with the exact models and quantities you are interested in and we will quote the exact price and lead time. The pricing will be a discount from the retail price quoted on our website, DELIVERED to your designated address. The discount will depend on the exact models and quantities, but usually ranges between 15 to 30 percent discount from the Retail Price.

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